My name is Blaine Schmeisser and I want to personally welcome you to my site.  I am a Web and Sofware Engineer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My passion lies with programming and one of my goals is to have major contributions in open source.

I enjoy working on the client side using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Concerning JavaScript, I have experience in popular frameworks such as jQuery, MooTools, Backbone and Prototype, as well as experience writing these in CoffeeScript.

I have been doing server side programming for almost 10 years, and have used technologies such as Ruby, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, and Mongo. I also have experience in many frameworks including Lithium, CodeIgnier, Zend Framework 2, LaravelNode.js and Rails.

I am a firm believer in code quality using test-driven development, continual integration, as well as using coding standards and code sniffing.

Learning is a never ending aspect of my career, and I continually strive to learn new cutting edge technologies. After my actual job, I like to divide my time between participating in open source projects, attending developer conferences, and taking online courses from places such like: Lynda, CodeSchool, and NetTuts.